Going Up

This has also been an exciting couple of months as we launched our new Youtube series, “Going Up”. (you can check out the videos on youtube at – http://www.youtube.com/user/heitzmanreid or by clicking on the project page)

The amazingly talented students at Indiana University, (where we developed our musical Solana the past two years) inspired this series.

Recent IU grads and NYC newbies (from L) Jamie Anderson, Francesca Arostegui, CJ Pawlikowski and Me.

Recent IU grads and NYC newbies (from L) Jamie Anderson, Francesca Arostegui, CJ Pawlikowski and Me.
Not only were they pestering us to get our music on the web so they could share it with friends and other students, they also had so many questions about their future, knowing in a matter of months or years they’d all be making the pilgrimage to NYC!

Thus, “Going Up”. We thought we would enlist some of Broadway’s brightest to perform our material and also shed some insight on what it was like when they first came to the city – how they handled the transition, how they deal with the stress of the industry and auditions and most importantly where they like to eat!

My favorite question we’ve tried to ask everyone is “if you could go back and tell your younger self what you know now, what would it be?”

The answers to this and many other questions have been really inspiring for us and we’re hoping it will be valuable to everyone – especially all those BFA’s out there! (the complete interviews can be seen on our website)

Richard Fleeshman and Michael during the shoot

The performances are all amazing! We premiered with Caissie Levy (Ghost, Hair) and followed with Richard Fleeshman (Ghost, Coronation Street).

Richard Fleeshman and Michael during the shoot
We are thrilled that people are buying our sheet music – all over the world!!! This Internet thing is very effective, I, for one, think it’ s really gonna catch on.

Our next release will celebrate the opening of Cinderella on Broadway by featuring one of its stars, Ann Harada (Smash, Avenue Q).

Then on the horizon…. Judy McLane (Mamma Mia), Ray Lee (Anything Goes, Mamma Mia) Jesse Warren-Nager (Motown, Broadway Boys, Scandalous), Josh Franklin (Ghost, Anything Goes)…..but that’s not all! We’re recording new ones every month!!! So act now and subscribe to our youtube channel – it’s FREE!!!!!

I’m gonna sign off with a little tease about our next big thing. We’ll be filming our tv pilot Scott Free next month. The cast so far…Danny Burstein, Beth Leavel and Mary Testa….WHAAAA?!?! We have had these actors in mind forever – to think that we are actually going to do this with them is a dream come true! Check out the next blog it will be all Scott Free!!!! You know there will some stories – you can’t put that many insanely talented, funny people in a room and not have stories!!!!!

Till Next time…..

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